A Dutch company has launched a project to make sugar from plastics with simpler maintenance than traditional lines.

The degradation of roadways made of stone, asphalt pavement from requiring long-term maintenance, resulting in increased costs, and impeded traffic when required to dig deep, many machineries to repair. So why not use other materials to make sugar?


Working with the Dutch city of Rotterdam, VolkerWessels has proposed this option. Accordingly, the company wants to develop and build roads made of plastic, materials commonly found in everyday items such as water bottles, children’s toys, etc.

This design includes a hollow frame, inside which contains pipes and wiring for power, water, internet, etc. While the scheme has not yet been tested, the company says the plastic It is much simpler than traditional sugar and stone.


Although the new technology of VolkerWessels is not yet feasible at the present time, it also shows that there are new ways to simplify the process of building and maintaining roads.



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